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Le guide Grand Poitiers, ville d'art et d'histoire 

Le guide Grand Poitiers, ville d'art et d'histoire
Le guide Grand Poitiers, ville d'art et d'histoire

The VPAH guide on Grand Poitiers was published on 19 December 2016 at Heritage Publishing House (Center des monuments nationaux).

Opening on a preface by Henri Loyrette, former president of the Louvre Museum, this public work helps to promote the heritage of the agglomeration, while strengthening the attractiveness of the territory. Aimed at both tourists and locals who want to know more about their living environment, it presents successively the history of the agglomeration, then the main historical monuments, from ancient times to the present day.

It also offers 6 discovery itineraries, 4 of which are specifically dedicated to Poitiers and 2 to the other communes of Grand Poitiers. Each route is accompanied by accurate maps and directions that make it easy for walkers to find their way around. The conditions of access and, where applicable, the opening hours of each building are also specified.

Available for sale at 12 € in the bookstores and tourist offices of the agglomeration, but also in all points of sale of the Center des monuments nationaux.

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