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La Nuit des Idées à Poitiers 

La Nuit des Idées à Poitiers
La Nuit des Idées à Poitiers

In Poitiers, the Nuit des Idées 2018 entitled "The Fabrique de demain and the construction of the imaginary (historical views and contemporary horizons)" will take place in TAP on January 25, 2018. This evening will mark the opening of the prefiguration actions of the Neighborhood Project. of the Palace and the launch of citizen consultation around its perspectives. An evening organized by the City of Poitiers with the assistance of the European School of Image, Space Mendes-France, the University of Poitiers, Sciences-Po Poitiers, SPN, TAP and Grand Poitiers.

Program :


19: 30-20: 15: How do we imagine the future in the Middle Ages?
In Poitiers, the eminent capital of the Lower Empire and the Middle Ages, what do we learn about the major heritage buildings and their exceptional iconography of the medieval man's gaze on the future?
With Claude Andrault-Schmidt, Honorary Professor of History of Medieval Art at the University of Poitiers, Center for Advanced Studies in Medieval Civilization and Cécile Voyer, Professor of History of Medieval Art at the University of Poitiers , Center of Higher Studies of Medieval Civilization

20: 45-21: 30:
Enlightenment and the cult of progress, or the premises of the industrial revolution
The eighteenth century or "century of Enlightenment" marks a major turning point in the world of ideas and knowledge, offering a renewed look at the world. What remains of their Spirit?
With Jérôme Grévy, Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Poitiers and Sciences-Po, Director of the Doctoral School Humanities (Letters Thought Art History), member of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in History, History of Art and Musicology (CRIHAM), associate of history and doctor of the IEP of Paris and Fabrice Vigier, Lecturer of modern history of the University of Poitiers, director of the university diploma "Archives and professions of the archives" and educational manager of L1 History and member of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in History, History of Art and Musicology (CRIHAM).

9:45 pm - 10:30 pm: The shock of the 20th century
The twentieth century, between enchantment and disenchantment, what a legacy for the 21st century?
WithFrédéric Chauvaud, Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Poitiers, co-director of the "History" collection of Rennes University Press and co-head of scientific and cultural programming at TAP, member of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in History , History of Art and Musicology (CRIHAM) and Denis Mellier, Professor of General and Comparative Literature at the University of Poitiers, specialist in literary theories and various forms of fiction integrating comics and cinema.

22: 45-23: 45: The imaginary, creative power of arts and sciences?
How does the imagination of the scientist, the artist, the writer confront the reality of tomorrow?
With Jean-Michel Besnier, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Paris IV - Sorbonne (Chair of Philosophy of Information and Communication Technologies), Head of the Professional Master "Editorial Board and Management of Digitized Knowledge" at the University of Paris Paris IV - Sorbonne, Annick Bureaud:art critic, curator and organizer of events, researcher and independent teacher in the field of art and technosciences, director of the European branch of Leonardo / Isast (, and member of the founder of the Nunc Collective, Laurent Karst: architect designer, founder of Atelier 16, architecture and design agency, director, with researcher Jean-Marc Chomaz, digital art installations using new technologies and Christian Rizzo: Rock musician trained in visual arts, then dancer and choreographer, director since 2015 CCN Montpellier. Moderation: Alain Berestetsky, former founder and director of Fondation 93, one of the first French Center for Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture (CCSTI).

0h00-0h45: Art, a lever for the construction of new worlds: a playable / Collective Everyware conference, supported by the European School of Image as part of the Follow program, a program for the professionalization of young graduates
The Everyware collective brings together three young artists working on the independent and alternative video game scene.This scene (authors, designers, researchers, developers, producers, broadcasters, players) is a place of artistic, social and political expressions. The round table is in the form of a playable conference device. Its axis of revolution: the construction of cities and urban flows through gambling. Gamification is commonly referred to as anglicism gamification. It translates the use of game mechanisms in areas such as learning situations, work situations, the development of social relations and networks, or even the fabric and use of cities.


20h30-21h30: The Ian syndrome, Christian Rizzo
1979: Disco music becomes electrified to Joy Division's post-punk sound and iconic Ian Curtis, whose epileptic dance contaminates clubbers. Steeped in the memory of his nights, choreographer Christian Rizzo creates a play on the club dance at the end of a triptych formed by A True Story on Folk Dance and Ad Noctum on Couple Dance.On a golden track, woven with luminescent stars and waved with sculpted smoke, the dancers, in restrained tension, mix disco lascivious ripples and new wave nerve jerks. The intoxicating beats of the minimal electro signed Pénélope Michel and Nicolas Devos are the gesture that spreads in solitary trance, collective fever and abandonment to the pleasure of clubbing, this furious desire to stay alive.
Special rate
- 17 € for over 26 years on presentation of the document Night of Ideas (1 place per person)
- 8 € for - 26 years presentation of the document Night of Ideas (1 place per person)

Reservation required: reception-ticketing of the TAP: 6 rue de la Marne - Poitiers - +33 (0) 5 49 39 29 29 -

Imagin'actions from 19h30 to 01h in the morning

Idéathon: to each his idea!
Wall of ideas that solicits the participation of the public to contribute to the construction of the project of the Palace of the Dukes of Aquitaine and its neighborhood!
While the reinvention of the Palais des Ducs d 'Aquitaine and its neighborhood is taking shape, the public will be invited to contribute to elements of the program.
To each his idea and his vision!

Imaginary Encounters: Scenocosme: Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt
Rencontres imaginaires is an interactive work in which real reflections merge with virtual images, offering the illusion of a distorted reality. The installation features a camera and a screen that acts as a mirror. When a visitor enters the interaction space, he finds himself facing this mirror screen. This one reflects his body, his face. His reflection gradually attracts virtual hands and faces that try to touch, caress, run away, catch, surprise ... Shy, shy, curious or engaging, these hands and faces have as many behaviors who question the relationships we have to each other.Hands and faces perceive the presence and move along the spectator's reflection.
With the couple of artists Scenocosme, which joins Grégory Lasserre and Anaïs puts den Ancxt

Digital Heritage and Culture Focus: Poitiers, french nugget of edutainment
4 companies in the digital sector located in Poitiers and its region will share with the public their know-how: multi-media devices, audiovisual engineering, video games, virtual reality tours, etc ... Manipulations, virtual trips, diving into the past , the interludes of the Night of the Ideas will be playful in Poitiers!

Information / address and phone number

1 boulevard de Verdun - 86000 POITIERS
Tél. : 05 49 52 35 35