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In Poitiers, much awaited cultural events happen all year round. Literature, cinema, street theatre : abundant expression for every public.

Festival Voix publiques
A Poitevan event around citizenship and its diverse expressions : conferences, debates in cafés, exhibits, concerts.

Festival Anguille sous roche
In libraries and bookshops of Poitiers and of fifteen other regional cities, this festival presents authors of youth literature, of creative comic books, and other forms of work associating image and text.

From mid-June to mid-September, and during Christmas week
Les Polychromies de Notre-Dame-La-Grande
Every evening, the façade of Notre-Dame-la-Grande church is adorned with colour : 7 different images (Marie, Byzantine, Minérale, Végétale, Radegonde, Pur pigment and Lapis Lazuli) project a daily myriad of coulours, from the most subtle to the most daring, enhancing the detail on the sculptures. (Creation by  Skertzò)

Festival Court Toujours
A festival based on the short form in every kind of artistic discipline : it shows the work of artists who have chosen this length for its density, its rigour or its freedom. Around twenty events in theatre, dance, puppet theatre, music, lectures ... all within the time span of 1 to 40 minutes.

Journées du patrimoine
Three days to discover historic sites and monuments, especially those otherwise closed to the public.

Festival les Concerts allumés
In a dreamlike blend of music and light, les concerts allumés propose to meet young talents as well as virtuoso classical musicians through original concerts.

Festival des Expressifs
A festival based on street performance and the circus, mixing various artistic practices and many different publics. Free admission and proximity are one of the main goals of this event.

Rencontres Henri Langlois
International Festival of Film Schools, proposing a selection of films by young international filmmakers.

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