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A legendary saint, Bauduche was once prayed to guarantee fine dry weather, essentially for two occasions : weddings, and for the bugée : the washing.

Concerning washing days, one was to bake a fine girdle-cake (called galette de sainte Bauduche)  and offer it to the poor. However it is said that during important annual washing days, the cake was generally eaten by the washerwomen themselves, making the whole ritual virtually inefficient !

A statue of saint Bauduche is still kept in the church of  Notre-Dame-la-Grande (north aisle, near the choir, placed under the arch of the former door to the cloister). Made of painted stone, and probably dating from the 17th century, the sculpted woman is holding an open book in her left hand, while the fingers of her right hand are clinging to a now missing attribute. The statue could be a former representation of saint Radegund (the royal sceptre is what would be missing), to whom a new identity was given.

This popular devotion was widespread far beyond Poitiers and its surroundings. It is also traced in the north-west of the Poitou and as far as Parthenay. The name Bauduche is most likely formed from the adjective “baud”, joyful, the same root as found in the rare French verb “s'ébaudir”, to rejoice oneself.