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The Church of Saint-Radegund

Formerly church of Sainte-Marie-hors-les-Murs, its name changed after the year 587 with the death of its founder, Saint Radegund. Her tomb was placed in the church. Served by a community of clergymen, who became canons in the 10th century,  the building rapidly attracted pilgrims.


The year 1099 corresponds approximately to the end of an important reconstruction concerning the present-day apse and the west porch and steeple. In between the nave is from the 13th century, in a style very close to the one used in Saint Peters cathedral.



At the end of the Middle Ages, the chapter has the portal rebuilt against the Romanesque bell tower. The result is a lovely example of flamboyant Gothic, recently restored thus enhancing the delicate work of the sculptors.







The chapter disappeared during the Revolution and the canonical enclosure was sold. However the church was conserved as a parish. During the 19th century, the renewed interest  in pilgrimages revitalised the neighbourhood. This encouraged new restorations, especially those concerning the access and circulation of pilgrims in and around the crypt.


Opening all days : 8h30 - 18h

During spring : 8h30 - 19h