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The Church of Saint-Porchaire

A first church is built around the year 900, halfway between the Counts' palace and the ecclesiastical quarter of Saint-Hilary.


It is modified at the end of the 11th century with a massive steeple-porch placed against the existing façade. The portal reveals interesting Romanesque capitals with sculpted lions and birds. In the 15th century one of the church bells, christened Anne, rhythms the class hours for the students in the neighbouring university.


Later still, the nave is entirely rebuilt in the flamboyant Gothic style (1508-1520) with a square apse. Some remains of a 16th century painted décor can be seen on the walls.


Of interest is also a small stone chest containing the relics of Saint Porchaire, a former abbot of Saint-Hilaire-le-Grand, who died around the year 600.


The Renaissance-revival stained glass windows were made in 1913.


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