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Church of Saint-Jean-de-Montierneuf

This abbey church was built in the last half of the 11th century according to the will of the Count of Poitou, Gui-Geoffroy-Guillaume. This new monastery, the “Moutier neuf”, founded next to the Clain river, will encourage the growth of an entire neighbourhood in an formerly near empty zone.

Boosted by the ducal commission, the construction was rapid and sumptuous : the  building has very regular floor plan, and the masonry is entirely in freestone, which makes it exemplary.

The original Romanesque apse was greatly raised at the end if the 13th century with a Gothic vault; held outside by flying buttresses and opened with multiple windows, it brings unexpected abundant light into the choir.

Seriously damaged during the Religious Wars, the abbey church was restored in the 17th century. This is especially obvious in the façade, rebuilt on a much shortened nave.


Opening all days : 10h - 17h30

During spring : 10h - 20h