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Discover Poitiers

Discover a town revealed by its monuments, its parks and gardens, its cultural and scientific establishments, its natural heritage, its stories and legends !

As capital of a historically rich territory, and by conciliating this heritage with daring urban innovations, Poitiers will always surprise you.
For those fond of strolling in the city, follow the "Chemins de Notre-Dame" : tour itineraries indicated directly on the ground by coloured lines. These paths take you through the more picturesque quarters of the town. Take a rest in one of the welcoming parks and gardens, or continue your visit by the Musée Rupert de Chièvres (city centre), the Musée Sainte Croix, or the Espace Mendès-France, a scientific cultural centre with a planetarium (both in the cathedral quarter).
10 km from Poitiers, the famous Futuroscope attraction park is awaiting : expect to find  thrilling experiences !